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Visits to the Centre Canino Besaya.
We visited the team from the movie "Do not say anything." From left to right.: Ruben (Centro Canino Besaya), Agustin Telechea (Ayte. Production), Teresa Cepeda (Head of Production), Felipe Jimenez Luna (Director) and Javier (Centro Canino Besaya).
In the snapshot we can see on the clients and friends of the house Veronica Ten, which has represented Cantabria in the championship of Spain Agility for four years, besides being the first and only in doing so.
En la fotografía podemos ver a Jesus Pastor, del afijo "Alborada" afamado criador de West Highland White Terrier.
In the photograph we see Jesus Pastor, affix "Alborada" famous keeper of West Highland White Terrier.
We also visited Maribel Luna and Miguel Angel Garcia Pedraz, owners affix "each".
On this occasion we visited the writer Mariano Fernandez Urresti and his wife.
It is the veterinarian and friend of the house Agustin Escalante Echeverria who visit us on this occasion.
Visits to schools, associations ...
Of the many requests we have to visit our center, NGO's, social clubs, associations, schools, etc. ..., for reasons of time are slim that we can address those. Here we are some examples, apologising to all those that we were unable to please.
22-Abril-1998 C.P. Jose Luis Hidalgo. Torrelavega
22-Apr-1998 C.P. Jose Luis Hidalgo. Torrelavega
In our visits to invite the witness an exhibition of dogs.
6-May-1998 C. P. Manuel Lledias. Cartes.
See dates in good time to visit.
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