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From Atlanta with pride, (USA) 24-08-2008

Our dog Blue-Cyan's Besaya (Kerry Blue Terrier), has proved to be WAY OF RACE AND CHAMPION OF GROUP, Atlanta (Georgia-USA), as part of the tour we are doing by the United States.

From the Centro Canino Besaya we are proud of the effort made by our professionals at work and care for this animal and especially the race Kerry Blue Terrier, as they possess more copies during 2008 have taken part in other events, such as of the Indian Blue-and-blue Besaya of Aries Besaya, won at the various exhibitions that have participated.

View results of the classification on the official website of the American Kennel Club

Cantabria boasts canine beauty (18-06-2007)

A Kerry Blue Terrier of Cartes is the runner in the world.

Cantabria can boast of having the second most beautiful dog in the world. It's called Blue Besaya of Aries, a Kerry Blue Terrier born and raised in the center of canine Cartes. With three years his career is impeccable: champion from Spain, Portugal, is close to being proclaimed champion of France and has the title of international champion in addition to having been declared best male race.

A few days ago participated in the World Beauty held in Mexico. Four tests that began with the championship of the host country, which was first in the championship as Latin American and the Caribbean. The last test, held in Mexico City, was the World Championships Beauty of Dogs, where he rose to second place.

Its current owner, who lives in the town of Barreda, Canino Besaya ceded to the Center for a month to precious dog, to prepare, make travel to Mexico and there, a presenter professional hired by the center Cartes, to go global with guarantees get a good result. A success that are already accustomed in the center of canine Cartes. Recently also remained in second place in the championship of the world hairdressing canine held in the cradle of fashion, Milan.

But at the heart not only breed the best and grooming dogs. Any 'Chucho' sale of the facilities become a dandy.

Perhaps that is why four of the dogs from the centre participated in the shooting of the film 'Do not say anything, filmed in Cantabria in the months October, November and December 2005.

But besides offering a hotel service for pets (dogs and cats) over the year, in great demand, especially at holiday time.

The Ayto Reinosa endorses an agreement with the CC Besaya for the collection of dogs (15-11-2007)

The council of Reinosa, through the Department of Health and Consumer Affairs which coordinates Emilio Zubizarreta, has recently signed an agreement with the Center Canino Besaya responsible for the management of abandoned dogs in the municipality.

According to records the agreement, the Local Police will be responsible for alerting the Centre Canino Besaya when locate somewhere in the city centre without the presence of dogs known owner or without identification. The company staff will take care of animals and vagrants to notify the Ministry of Livestock.

Progressive increase in the local census of animals potentially dangerous Torrelavega (26-09-2006)

The Police and the municipal collection Viérnoles dogs retreated into an animal with this profilec The municipal census of animals potentially dangerous ido has risen gradually since it came into force in 2002, which develops Royal Decree Law 50/1999 on the legal regime of his tenure, to preserve the security of persons, goods and other animals.

Today, in the municipality of Torrelavega 121 electors are potentially dangerous animals, mostly dogs, a figure that although there is no references in which rely to know whether or not much is far from reality, for it can be generally calm will confirm that experienced a progressive increase.

There is a certain rule and control by the police to ensure their compliance, which in Torrelavega has been recorded in recent weeks with two incidents. On the one hand, notifying the owner of a dog potentially dangerous, through the BOC, a penalty of thousand euros to bring the animal to an establishment and have azuzado to attack. And secondly, with the recent withdrawal in Viérnoles, by the collection service contracted by the city council with the Centre Besaya Canino, a Pit Bull breed of dog that roam the town.

In this case the action took place at the request of neighbors, and involved officials of the National Police Corps, the animal being transferred and confined at the facilities entitled to these cases to identify its owner, since they lacked identifying microchip. This is mandatory for all dogs and cats in the community of Cantabria, under an Order of the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries.

So far this year, have been collected in Torrelavega 59 dogs (35 handed over by their owners and 24 vagrants) of which four have been considered potentially dangerous breeds. Carmen Hernandez, head of the Department of Public Health, Trade and Markets, said that the presence of dangerous dogs, especially in public places or places requires that those who carried it must have the appropriate administrative leave and the certificate of compulsory registration of the animal in the municipal registration.

These dogs, whose characteristics are recalled in column annexed, must carry mandatory muzzle, they must be driven and controlled chain or strap eXtensible not less than two meters, and a person can not lead at the same time over a dog potentially dangerous .

In addition, the theft or loss of the animal must be communicated by its owner within a maximum of 48 hours per charge of municipal registration of animals classified as potentially hazardous.

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