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When we decided to buy a dog, we realize that we acquired a responsibility for a very long time, throughout the lifetime of the animal.

Making the decision to take a dog does not have to be impulsive, but thought by the whole family.

Types of training

  • Basic training
  • Corrections to conduct
Basic training

You can start your dog in this kind of allegiance to the approximate age of between six months and one year, depending on the dog, race, sex, etc. .... During his youth stage must have learned the command "NO" as a basis for future learning. It is important to know the material used properly trained.

Your dog needs to learn a series of exercises to perform after the different skills and be able to correct undesirable behavior.

It's like teaching a code of communication primary but enough to develop a system of signals intelligible to the two species.

At the Center Besaya Canino, you teach your dog to work with the following major orders in training

  • Side
  • Sitting
  • Land
  • Correction
  • Call
  • Controlling his tone of voice and body position

Corrections of Conduct.

Correcting unwanted behavior and bad habits, you need a great steadfastness on our part and use of all learning above.

At the Center Canino Besaya teach him to correct the following conduct:

  • Jumps
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Sofas
  • Food on the floor


-- The tricks are needed to communicate dog-owners
-- Use tricks positively
-- Not signifies your dog win in an action incorrect
-- Correct your dog firmly but without violence and with a subsequent action rewarding.

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